AngelMist Productions, LLC. presents
WARRIORS of YESHUA Defenders of the Innocent (Movie Trailer #1)


Thank You to ALL the Production Crewmembers,

Actors and Actresses for taking time to be a part of

this essential film about human trafficking.


Producer, scriptwriter and actor Ken Small, 

relentlessly combats trafficking with a unique

approach of style on public awareness. With Director,

and Choreographer, Joemer Dulatre spearheading the

making of the film, WARRIORS of YESHUA will

surely captivate with some eye awakening scenarios

that will leave you profound and entertained.



The F.P.D. in collaboration with AngelMist

Thank You- Pete Mimikos

Special thanks to Pete and the expert handling of his two diamondback rattlesnakes which played a nice iconic role in the film. With the assistance of Tim Curry, this will be an awesome scene sure to enthrall our viewers as it will send a great subliminal message in human trafficking. 


Filming Day 55: New Braunfels City  |  Jan 8, 2016

Educating Public Awareness through Media Entertainment


The drama, suspense, and excitement of Warriors of Yeshua will break the barrier of your entertainment experience.


Sex traffickers have come to a small Texas town south of San Antonio. They believe that police are understaffed, poorly trained,

and lack the resources and will power to protect the children of Floresville. They are wrong!

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