Pictures and Details of the event is COMING SOON....

(Courtesy of MAJIC MAKERS)


THANK YOU All for coming and supporting the event of combating Human Trafficking thru our project film, "WARRIORS of YESHUA"



Luba Shul

Samson Kealoha

Ami-sadai Nieto

Cristina Rodríguez

Christine Villalta

Ron Hellberg

Nancy Oakley

The Bulanek Family

Adam Ortiz

Avery Savoy

John Hall

Nicole Taz

Ken Small

Kent S. Nabarrete

Morris Davis

William Covington

Majic Makers

Lauren Dietel

Johnny Vaughan

Eddie Heinemeher

Renee Briggs

Dagmar Murillo

Luz Magaly

Joseph Wilburn






Darius Collier

Marcela Cordero

Sylvia Ramirez

Keith Yanosko

Rachael Yanosko

Mark Reina

Megan Stelly

Mrs. Sylvia








Special THANKS to:



Avery for the distant trip for this event. Why didnt you step up and took over the Anthem? Your voice should have resounded all over the place last night?


Anna  & Megan Stelly with their friend from Georgia for taking time to support this event. Hope you girls made it home safe.

Wish we had a dinner break for a brief discussion but couldnt find yall after. Thank you for coming.


Captain Ron Helberg who was unrecognizable with the hat. THANK You so much for your assistance as well throughout the evening with Mrs. Renee.


Nancy Oakley and the Thai Princess crew with Adam from Ms. Entrepenuer for attending. Your scene will be coming up soon. 

I tell you what give me your surprise to me when I have your SCENE done so I can earn it.


Amisadaii who looked so dazzling in my eyes. lol (Good thing she doesnt visit this page)


​Luba and John with Nicole.

Yall were powerful along with Samson I should have placed yall in the spotlight and gave you guys the floor for as long as you want.


The Bulanek family who has put this together making sure everybody looks good coming in from the door.

Bcuz everybody was fantastic looking, right Lauren?


Thank You brother William and Majic for assisting the night and making everyone felt exclusive and high class with your

limitless godly service in media last night.


ONS Aida and Heidi for attending and promoting this event.


Ms. Nancy, Debra and Renee for your time in being the backbone of HUGS Foundation.


EVERYONE's Family & Friends for coming to support your love ones.


My family Mom, Hollywood, son JOMY, Darius & Daisy for actually coming since you didnt think I was making this movie. LoL


...of course lastly, our own producer KEN SMALL for this Skyroom of commerative event, this film and the many opportunities it brings.


-THANK YOU Ken and Debra for the AWARD PLAQUE that I yet to still earn.



-Joemer Dulatre (JOMASTER)

Director of AngelMist Productions




Please stay tune for the Pics and few highlights of the event to come.

Educating Public Awareness through Media Entertainment


The drama, suspense, and excitement of Warriors of Yeshua will break the barrier of your entertainment experience.


Sex traffickers have come to a small Texas town south of San Antonio. They believe that police are understaffed, poorly trained,

and lack the resources and will power to protect the children of Floresville. They are wrong!

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