Our Mission

1. Stop the supply of sex slaves by informing parents and youth of the techniques and tactics sex trafficers use to lure and/or abduct young people into the sex trade that's sweeping America.


2. Limit the demand by warning those who pay to rape children and teens of the legal, physical, and spiritual consequences awaiting them - Matthew 18:6


3. Portray a positive public awareness of our law enforcement agencies and of their dedication and sacrifice in protecting our children.


4. Share how people may purchase our films through their internet, facebook, twitter, etc. Proceeds from film sales help our fight against sex trafficking, synthetic drugs, sexting and cyber bullying.




Ken Small, CEO @ (210) 724.8361



In Association with

The H.U.G.S. Foundation

During the Vietnam War Era, Ken Small was a member of the US Marine Corp's Elite Force Troops. Witnessing children's plight in third world and war-torn countries, he solicited help from friends to provide aid.


Though originally just a handful of concerned individuals, thousands of children's lives were saved. Over a decade ago, HVIN Ministries was created to expand their outreach.


H.U.G.S. Foundation (Helping U Grow Strong) director KEN Small, spearheads this foundation to rescue, prevent, and cease the Human Trafficking of children and to exploit the devastation of what Synthetic Drugs causes.


Graphic Designs and Services

One of Hollywood's own casting directors, Stanzi Stokes, speaks about Joemer Dulatre (JOMASTER Productions) of his craft, productivity, & potential in the Hollywood business industry.

Freelance Designer | Graphic Art Designs Specialist | Filmmaker

Producer  | Martial Art Choreographer | Photographer

JOMASTER Productions.

since 2005. "from creativity to service productivity!"

I am a small, independent, family-oriented entrepreneur offering various types of services. My residence in my hometown San Antonio, Texas for over 2 decades, has been my personal schooling and hands on experience that formed my craft and flared my passion. My fascination with electronics and technology has broadened my services with more than just digital designs. Dedication, Integrity, and Honesty are among the many attributes that are displayed through my work.

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